France, Antique and Flea Markets

France, Antique and Flea Markets


  • Saint Ouen Flea Market – Porte de Clignancourt     (most famous; Sat., Sun. & Mon.)
  • Porte de Montreuil Flea Market     (One of the cheapest, specialising in second-hand clothes, and also some furniture and other houseware; Sat., Sun. & Mon. 7.00-17.00)                                  
  • Porte de Vanves Flea Market    (enormous range of bric-a-brac, one of the best, furniture 18th, 19th, 1900, art Déco,  50’s & 70’s; Sat. & Sun. 7.00-14.00)

Marche Vernaison

Marcha Malik

Marche Biron

Marche Jules Valles

Marche Dauphine

Marche Cambo

Marche Malassis

Marche Paul Bert

Marche Serpette

  • Marche Parisien de la Creation   (special and an alternative art market)


  • Marc Gitton Antiquites -Brocante  


  • Philippe Balayn    (an extraordinary painter and  sculptor)
  • Villeneuve-lès-Avignon Flea Market  (moderate sized, antique pottery, ceramics, wine and barrel making tools, small and large tables, silver, toys  Sat. 6.00-13.00)                            
  • Jean Marguin      (sculptor of time & movement; mobile sculptures )                                  


  • GIBUS London Vintage Store    (arts and curiousity objects) (small but nice shop)


  • Grande Braderie de Lille Flea Market   (1st weekend of Sep. 14.00-23.00                 


  • Vieil-Hopital Flea Market      (antiques, bric-a-brac brocante, Sat. 9.00-18.00)
  • Marche a la Brocante    (Wed. & Sat. 9.00-18.00)


  • Marche a la Brocante   (Fri. 9.00-1800)


  • Puces de L’est   (4th Sun. of each month except May-Aug.  8:00-18:00)


  • Cours Saleya Flea Market   (high quality market; collectables on : silver, vintage clothing, posters, nautical and travel items, ceramics, paintings, toys, rustic wooden items, jewellery, etc.)


  •  Vieux Quartier Flea Market   (regional, rustic  wares; last Sat. of every month, 8.00-16.00)


  • Villeurbanne Flea Market  (one of the best,  rustic collectibles of all kinds –  furniture, glassware, copperware-, paintings, books, toys, etc.; Thu. & Sat. 8.00 -12.00, Sun. 6.00-14.00;)


  • Vieux Quartier Flea Market    ( collectibles  from the northeast of France , classic ceramic baking molds, and folkloric dishware from Lorraine; clocks (from nearby Besançon), enamel plaques from Alsace, toys, glassware, copperware, wooden items and furniture; Sun. 7.00-12.00)


  • Allées Jules Guesde Flea Market  (high quality; collectables; 1st Fri., Sat. & Sun. of the month, except Oct.)


  • Parking des Platanes Flea Market  ( 2nd hand rather than collectables)


  • Boulevard Alexandre Martin Flea Market   (moderate sized; rustic items, tied to the agricultural and fishing roots of the surrounding region)


  • Boulevard des Lices Flea Market  (collectables; vintage Arlesian clothing; 1st Wed. of the month, all day)